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photo of Tyler  Lofland (Hickory NC Location), INDEPENDENT STYLIST Tyler Lofland (Hickory NC Location)
J Roberts Salon
122 Campbell Ave SE
Roanoke, VA, 24011 USA
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Tyler is a Stylist in the Downtown Hickory Location of J Roberts Salon.

His specialties include Men's Hair Cutting with a special focus in modern men's shapes.

If you're Looking for a Tight Fade or a Hardpart or just an all around great Mens Cut?
Tyler is your Guy!!

Tyler pays close attention to the Details that make up a quality Haircut.

Tyler also has a very creative eye for Women's Cutting and Color combinations.

Check out Tyler by schedueling an online appointment today
or call (828) 303-7554 for a great salon experience.

J Roberts Salon - 122 Campbell Ave SE - Roanoke, VA 24011, USA - 540-266-7167

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