Delta Bayer

Master Stylist

Embark on a journey that seamlessly blends global glamour with holistic well-being as Delta Bayer, a Board-Certified Colorist with over 22 years of international acclaim, invites you into the world of personalized beauty in Roanoke. Formerly a salon owner in Taos, New Mexico, and a graduate of the prestigious Jacques Dessange in Paris, Delta’s expertise is a celebration of diverse experiences.

Delta recently moved from Taos where her high-end salon catered to A-list actors, producers, musicians, artists, teachers, and a diverse array of clients. Now in Roanoke, she brings the eclectic spirit of Taos’s artistic haven into every style, creating looks that are not only globally inspired but deeply rooted in the local community. Her work is more than just about hair; it’s a visual narrative, a celebration of individuality and artistic expression. Her move to Roanoke is an invitation for you to experience the magic that adorned the heads of the elite in Taos, coupled with a commitment to beauty that goes beyond appearances.

Specializing in women’s shorter cuts, curly hair, and classic color, she is the artist who transforms each strand into a personalized masterpiece. Delta’s mission is not just to style hair but to boost confidence and celebrate individual beauty.

Beyond the chair, Delta is not just a stylist but a holistic beauty enthusiast. She devotes her spare time to developing organic skin and hair care products, reflecting her commitment to your overall well-being. As a connoisseur of nutritious food and an avid reader, Delta brings an approach to beauty that goes beyond the surface, ensuring that every aspect of your experience enhances your natural radiance.

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