Terms & Conditions

J Roberts Salon Hand Book

Terms& Conditions for Employment

“The Perfect Win-Win Situation”

We would like to first of all say ” Thank You” for your interest in being a part of a dream, a passion and a goal that we have set for ourselves for as long as we can remember.
The goal is to create a salon environment in which a salon professional can grow as a stylist, as a person, and as a key component in a group of unique individuals that makeup a team at J. Roberts Salon.

Through this growth various levels of financial freedom will come to us all!

This is what I would refer to as the “Perfect Win-Win Situation”
Not only will we grow to be great stylist; we will also grow to share and teach the things that make great stylist.

We all know it takes a lot more than a good haircut to be a great stylist. The saying always goes “Were only as good as our last haircut” How good can we as a team, be tomorrow?

Jim & Maggie Roberts


Our Salon Philosophy:

Welcome to J. Roberts Salon
We are very pleased that you have joined our team.
This employee handbook outlines our salon policies, rules and regulations, educational guidelines, and everyday salon procedures, so that you can better understand what is expected of you on the job.

In our salon, we derive success from teamwork. Individual and unit growth are stimulated by the idea that many contributory minds, working together, can accomplish much more than an individual working alone.

Success comes through education. As techniques change, as products improve, as new services are introduced, we will be prepared through education, to satisfy the new demands of our clients, thus ensuring our successful position in the future.

Everyone who works here is expected to work toward being the best he or she can possibly be at the task they are accountable for.

If the time comes that you are challenged in being the best you can be, you should “act the part until you have a change of heart”.
There is no room for a negative mindset at J. Roberts Salon

Our philosophy is geared toward future growth and security through teamwork, education, fulfillment and change; we are assured that we will continue to thrive as individuals and as a business.

From time to time, there will be roadblocks (this is part of the growing process). However, as long as we persevere, keep an open mind and have a positive mental attitude, we will succeed!

Success comes through change.
We welcome change at J. Roberts Salon
Change is stimulating, stimulated people achieve more, Achievers are successful!


Code of Professionalism
As a salon professional, you are a caring, open-minded individual. You are well educated in your field and have the ability to utilize all of your knowledge, to benefit your clients.

As a salon professional, you are able to put your own ego aside in order to better contribute to the salon team.

As a salon professional, you have developed your listening talents and are able to communicate with your clients and teammates without intimidating them. Professionalism is an intangible concept. It is a balanced combination of education, honesty, talent, and common sense.

Pulling it all together in the salon is not an easy task, but through cooperation, teamwork, and a few guidelines, we can be successful.

Guidelines to Professionalism:

  1. Listening to your client – the most difficult skill to learn, but the most valuable once mastered.
    2. A consultation with every client, prior to shampooing is the most professional way to establish good communication and avoid employee errors. Sell the excitement of a service first, and then the price will not be challenge.
  2. Service to the best of your ability all of your client’s needs. Never deny him/her the proper amount of service time.
    4. Teamwork and cooperation between stylists will make everyone’s day go better. Help your teammates whenever possible, no matter what your level, or their level is, within the salon. Each individual member of the team serves an integral part in the success of the salon.
  3. Avoid gossip between clients and/or co-workers.
    6. Support the expertise of your teammates.
    7. Personal conversation between working employees will make a client feel uncomfortable.

Dress Code for Salon:

Our attire in the salon should always be business professional.
If we are selling ourselves as professionals, we must dress the part to be successful.
We prefer black as a professional color but being dressed professionally is the most important element of the salon attire.

Just a few guidelines….

  • Jeans can be worn as long as they look professional…
  • No Flip Flops or open toed shoes…
  • If you feel that what you are wearing is not appropriate, you’re probably right.

Professional Hair & Makeup:

Hair and makeup must always be done prior to arriving to work…

If you choose to wear a high maintenance hair color, make sure that your color is maintained and looks professional.
Your hair and how you take care of your hair presents a direct message to our clients and also represents everyone who works in the salon.

No hair to be worn in a ponytail… Braids are accepted.

Cell Phones: No personal use of cell phones on the salon floor, or at the front desk, with exceptions of setting color processing timers, or the use to communicate during a Snap Snip consultation.


Communication within the salon…
Through effective communication, a group of individuals with a common goal, will come together, to form a strong team, and work as one unit to the benefit of all.
If communication decreases, misunderstandings between team members increases, and cooperation from the staff of the salon is lost.
Communication aids in educational growth, through information exchanged during workshops, and staff meetings, as well as one-to-one discussions between employees, about daily work with clients.

Salon Code of Communication on Business Practices:

If there are any disagreements with the way that salon management is conducting business practices in the salon, it’s most important that you come to management, as an individual, to discuss any such disagreements.

We try at all cost to be completely fair to everyone who is part of our salon team, in providing a productive, quality work environment.
It will not be tolerated, in any way, that negative nonproductive conversation is held in the salon.

If such negative conversations are brought up to you, I would simply suggest to the person gossiping.” l would speak to management about your concerns.”

If you are the contributors of such negative, non-productive conversations, it will be grounds for immediate dismissal of employment.

Please take this very seriously, as we will not work with anyone who doesn’t give and offer the same respect, as we are willing to give you.

Please avoid salon gossip; support your salon, and each other, by holding each other accountable for our overall daily success as a team.

***For the Security, Safety and quality operations of the salon, please be advised that most public areas of the salon are under surveillance that could include video and audio.

SNAP SNIP Requirements:

A Snap Snip is required for any new Salon Guest requesting a Color or Haircut Service with an Associate Stylist or any color guest who hasn’t returned to the salon, within the last 6 months.

Online Appointments / New Guest:

If you see that a new guest has scheduled a color service without a Snap Snip, please report it to the front desk, so we can make sure a Snap Snip request, has been submitted to secure the appointment. This will better the understanding of the guest needs and prepare the stylist for the appointment expectations.

Card On file Guidelines:
Any new guest appointment for color services requires a credit card to be on file.

In Specific Situations at Salon Managements discretion, If an appointment is canceled or (no-showed) with less than 24 hour notice the client will be charged 50% of the cost of the service as a cancelation fee.

If a client “No Shows” they will be required to place credit card on file for all services, not only color services.

The salon will absorb the deposit to cover expenses of rescheduling and staffing.

If a guest is habitual in canceling appointments last minute or no showing on more that 2 occasions, salon management may discontinue the client’s ability to schedule appointments or require the client to pay for the service in advance.

Service Pricing:

The salon pricing policy is structured “A La Carte’. This allows for separate pricing for each service provider’s level.

Pricing is determined for each service according to the cost of the supplies used, the level of the stylist, and the time involved to complete the services.

All prices are available on the Salon Scheduling software.


If any color service is scheduled for more than 4 hours the color service is required to be charged as the Stylist Custom Color Service price, or service additions must be adjusted to be greater than or equal to Custom Color service price.

No service provider may charge less than the listed price without management approval.

Refunds and Credits:

If a client remains dissatisfied with the service provided despite your efforts to please them, management will determine whether the client should receive a refund, a credit, or corrective service. Services may not be performed free of charge without permission from management.

Client Protection During Color Service:

To prevent damage to client’s clothing or jewelry, it is the service provider’s responsibility to see that the client removes jewelry and change into a provided color smock before any chemical service is performed. Also, use a towel around the neck of the client and avoid color stains.

Retail Commission:

A retail commission of 10% will be paid on retail sales if the following guidelines are met.

  • Stylist retail sales at the end of the week must be at least 10% of your service totals.

Example: Say your weekly total Services are $500.00
Then you must have at least sold $50.00 (10%) in retail to receive the commission.

All retail will be paid on weekly basis

Salon Parking:

Stylist are responsible for paying your own parking. If a monthly parking agreement is established by the salon, the parking fee of $15 will be charged to the stylist on a weekly basis.

Salon Hours:

MONDAY 10:00am to 6:00 pm

TUESDAY 10:00am to 8:00 pm

WEDNESDAY 10:00am to 8:00pm

THURSDAY 10:00am to 8:00pm

FRIDAY 9:00am to 6:00pm

SATURDAY 9:00 to 6:00pm

 The Salon Cannot Close earlier than 7:15pm on Tuesday-Thursday and

Or earlier than 5:15pm on Friday and Saturdays

Employee Lunch Hour:

Each Employee is given 1 hour for lunch each day. Take your lunch hour in the first half of your workday.

  • Please only take one hour, (If you are later than1 hour it will count against your attendance as a penalty.)
  • The Salon Coordinator will take lunch daily from 2:00 to 3:00 Please schedule your lunch around the salon coordinator.
  • We ask that no more than 2 Stylist take lunch at the same time.

Break Room and Lockers:

  • Please put all purses and personal Items in your lockers. Do not leave personal Items out in the breakroom.
  • Please clean up after yourself if you use the breakroom.
  • Place Bar Stools back under the bar.

Team Support:

Teamwork is something that many seek and only few possess. There is a bond of growth, and success, that comes when a team unselfishly supports each other through teamwork.

Stylist Expectations:

When a stylist has downtime or an empty schedule of more than 1.5 hours, other than a lunch break, the stylist will be assigned by management to shadow, assist, and or help another stylist who is servicing salon guest.

These guidelines apply to all levels of stylist. Please remember, this is not a punishment but, an opportunity to grow as a team and learn from each other. Anything can be more supportive and productive than sitting in the back looking at our cell phones.

This will be a requirement for all existing employees as well as any new employees hired at J. Roberts Salon.

Late for Work:

Being late for work is probably one of the most inexcusable guidelines we have at

J Roberts Salon. Not only is it disrespectful to your team and salon guest but one of the most unprofessional habits a stylist can develop.

To be a professional team we must be dependable! Please hold yourself, and your team accountable.

Being Late for work are grounds for dismissal as an employee.

It is policy to be in the salon 15 minutes prior to your first appointment.


We are all required to punch in and out when arriving to work, and during lunch times.

Please do not punch in and out for your teammates. If you fail to punch in or out, please notify Jim so times can be adjusted.

Work Attendance:

1.Whenever you are unable to report to work, please contact management (Jim & Maggie) ASAP. Please at all cost, prevent same day appointment changes or cancellations.

  1. A no call, no show from any employee is grounds for dismissal.
  2. Please schedule doctor’s appointments on your off days.
    4. Call management if you are going to be late for work. Please don’t be tardy; its unprofessional to make clients wait.
    5. Please tell the manager or coordinator and mark your schedule, if you leave the salon outside of your lunch break for any reason.

Attendance Policy:
(Late, Leave Early, Call Out)

With the flexible work schedule that we have within our salon it’s important that we all hold ourselves accountable.

If regular work time is missed or altered it will be required that stylist make up the hours on their personal days off and times must be approved by management prior to. This applies to any time missed from normal working hours outside of your Vacation days or sick days.

Communication with management is required and management will decide on when the makeup days will take place the following week due to staffing balance.

Please submit a vacation request form or requested day off form and give a 30 days’ notice for change of scheduled work week.

**Excessive absence and or being late for work will be grounds for termination of employment.


Your salon will pay for one average week’s pay, for vacation, after one year of continuous employment.

This Pay will be based on a weekly average, taken from the first 6 months of the year worked.

Vacation days may not be accrued from year-to-year, and must be used before the end of each fiscal year, once an employee becomes eligible.

Vacation days not taken by the end of the year will be forfeited. Pay will not be substituted in lieu of vacation days not taken.

Vacations or schedule changes may not be taken during the busiest months of the year, (November, December see dates below). Choice of vacation time will be on a first come first serve basis. Management must have at least 30 days’ notice to schedule vacation times.

Vacation Eligibility:

Each Employee receives 1 average week’s pay, as paid Vacation Per Year.

 Eligible annually after the anniversary of the employee hire date.

Vacation Request:

Vacation request must be submitted in writing no less that 30 days prior to the 1st vacation day.
(See Management for Vacation Request Form)

Vacation Limitations:

  • 2 Employee Stylist Cannot take vacation during same week. (1st Come 1st Serve Basis After Anniversary of Hire Date)
  • Vacation Blackout Dates
  • (No Vacations during the listed dates)

November 1st-27th December 1st-23rd

  • Vacation Days must be used before year end.
  • Vacation Days Do Not Transfer to next calendar year.

Maternity Leave:

  • 8 weeks unpaid maternity leave will be allowed.
  • Specific days off and return to work date, must be communicated with

management 90 days prior to taking time off.

  • Salon management will use discretion in the balanced scheduling of salon

guest during maternity leave.



Team Offered In-salon workshops are offered to Staff by the salon at no cost. Participation in these workshops will sometimes be mandatory.
Dates and times will be given to you well in advance of class times.

Outside vendor In-Salon workshops will be offered to stylist at discounted price Often salon paying up to 50% of ticket price.
Dates and times will be given to you well in advance of class times.

Employee Discount:

Salon employees are entitled to a 40% discount of the full suggested retail price on any retail supplies or products purchased in the salon. Discounts will not be given on items that are already discounted, (commission will not be paid on employee discount sales).

Employee Receiving Hair Services:

Employees may come into the salon on their scheduled days off during working hours to receive hair services from fellow stylist, all salon guidelines apply.

Stylist will be responsible to pay a 10% service charge for what the service would have cost a paying guest to cover cost of operations and product fees.

ADENDUM to Hand Book added 12/2/23

Service Commission and Compensation for Commission Employees outside of Flex Commission.

All Service commission will be based on the following pay scale.

  • Weekly Services ranging from $0 to $1200.00 will be paid 50% of weeks total
  • Weekly Services ranging from $1201 to $2000 will be paid 55% of weeks total
  • Weekly Services ranging from $2001 and up will be paid 60% of weeks total
  • The highest Commission paid on services will be 60%

(Retail sales must be equal to or higher than 10% of weekly services to advance to Next Service Commission Level and receive 10% Commission on retail Sales) (Example If your Service Totals are $2001.00 which would put you in the 60% Commission bracket and your retail sales aren’t at least 10% you will not Increase from the Lowest Service Commission Bracket of 50%)

Always set daily goals to sell 10% Retail to Services.

Service Fee: There will be a 10% Product Service Charge fee for all services performed in the salon. Beginning January 1st 2024 for stylist who are using the Salons color and Supplies.
There will be a 3.5% Service fee for all credit card tips allocated to the stylist.

Weekly Tips:

All Stylist Credit card tips will be paid on the following Tuesday of the previous week worked Via the banking App Zelle. It is the responsibility of the stylist to confirm that Zelle banking information is established and up to date with the Salon.

FLEX Commission

Flexible hours agreement negotiated between stylist and management are considered

Flex Commission. This agreement is that a stylist can have complete flexibility and control in their work schedule as long as 25 hours are worked in any given week. (Excluding Sundays)

The Stylist also agrees to provide their own working and color supplies and excepts straight 50% Service Commission and 10% Retail Commission, regardless of the amount of retail or service sales.

** In the event that said stylist does Not comply to the agreement and work a minimum of 25 in any given week. The stylist will be paid 40% Service Commission and 10% Retail Commission for the week worked with fewer than 25 hours.


Full Time Stylist Work Schedule is 4 Days a week unless additional days are approved by Jim or Maggie.

Sick days are not required to be made up. Requested time off other than Vacation days or rescheduling time off is required to be made up.

Taking Off Work

 If taking off work from regular work schedule.

Stylist must ask for Approval 30 days in advance for taking time off from regular schedule.

All requested days off, must be made up, either the same week or the following week and the makeup day needs to be agreed upon by management.

Schedule must be clearly marked. example (taking off per Jim or Maggie make up day is Approval date listed.) so everyone is in communication.


Any Cancellation with less than 24 Hrs. Notice to the client could result in the stylist and the Salon rescheduling the service at a 50% off.

If the client can be accommodated with another stylist the same day, the discount is not offered.


 In the event of a redo. The stylist could be asked to come in on a day off depending on availability. The redo needs to take place As soon as possible to correct the color within the same week that the client calls.

If another stylist or management has to perform a correction service the services performed will be deducted from the original service ticket to compensate the stylist or management doing the correction.

SNAP SNIP Assessment Changes

All Stylist must have approval from Jim or Maggie to change the price of the original assessment of any Snap Snip.

(Together, we will look at the services provided and the duration of time the service required, and determine if a price change needs to take place.


Normal Color is any color taking less than 4 hours.

Custom Color is any color taking More than 4 hours.


 Associate stylist:

Refrain from asking technical questions concerning your client

To anyone except the Jim or Maggie.


Refrain from giving direction, opinions or advice to an associate stylist in training on the services of a guest while at the level of Associate Stylist.


Stylist should not be hanging out in the front office of the salon unless appointed to cover while salon coordinator is away. After performing services, please thank your guest and turn them over to the salon coordinator.

Daily Cleaning Responsibilities:

The following cleaning duties are to be performed daily by everyone:

Please make sure that the below is taken care of before you leave the salon each night and not to be left for the beginning of the next workday.

  • All stations are left clean with blow dryer cords properly put away.
    •Dispensary cleaned and all brushes, bowls and bottles are put away and not left out “drying”
    •Counter wiped down in dispensary
    •Shampoo bowls wiped down and hair traps cleaned.
    •All towels rolled and put away not left in the dryer for the next morning.
    •Capes and smocks placed on hangers.
    •Trash taken out and all small trash bags combined into the large black bag before being placed into the trash can out back.
    •Anything that needs to be done to make the salon most efficient starting the workday.

Staff Meetings: Staff meetings are held Quarterly and or as needed.

  • All employee staff are required to attend.
  • Our meetings provide an opportunity for all staff members to communicate with each other and with management. Meetings include discussions of:
  • New product knowledge
  • In-salon classes
  • Future advertising promotions
  • Personal or client problems in relation to staff moral
  • Any revisions in the handbook or policies
  • Plans for advanced education and trade shows

All members of the team are urged to participate in group discussions. New ideas are always welcome!

Failure to attend staff meeting will be considered absent and disqualify stylist for commission Increase.

Personal Telephone Calls:

Please limit your personal calls to extremely important and emergency calls only. Please do not leave a client to take a phone call; someone in the salon will take a message for you. It is vital to make the client feel like they are the most important person in the world to you!

Health and Safety:

Learn where the fire extinguisher is located. (Back corner near the white door, by the music) If you do not know how to operate it, please ask management to review its usage.
Emergency number is 911.

In case of injury to a staff member or a client, notify the manager at once.
All curling irons and heat equipment should be turned off and put away at the end of each day.
Animals are not allowed in the salon/spa. Guide dogs are an exception.
Don’t hesitate to call Roanoke Police immediately, if you or a guest feels threatened in any way by the homeless community.

Smoking Policy:

Smoking or Vaping is not permitted in the salon or in front of the salon


Please only offer Alcohol to a Salon Guest who is receiving a chemical service or in the salon for extended period of time.

Please only serve drinks in the Styling area of the salon. Not the reception area.

  • Employees are not allowed to consume alcohol during working hours.

(Must be off the Clock)

  • All Employees must be 21 Years of Age to serve Alcohol to a Salon Guest.
  • All Guest must be 21 years of Age to Consume Alcohol (ID’s Must be Checked)
  • Do Not serve Alcohol to any guest who appears to be under the influence of any substance when arriving to the salon.
  • Salon Guest are limited to: 2 – 5 oz Glasses of Wine or 2- 12oz Beers

(No Exceptions, Must Measure Alcohol)

  • If our salon receives a citation for serving under age guest or overserving alcohol, the employee responsible will assume full liability for the cost of the fine. (Up to $10,000)
  • All Alcohol Invoices will be kept in a file in the front office.
  • ABC Managers will present the invoices to an ABC Agent upon inspection and contact Jim

Employee Agreement:

Have read the above salon handbook and I agree to abide by, support and uphold the listed policy and procedures within this handbook. I understand the state of Virginia is a “Employment-at-will state” and that my employer can terminate any employee not willing to follow the guidelines of this manual that are created to support the operations of the above listed business.  (J. Roberts Salon LLC Located at 129 Campbell Ave SE Roanoke, VA 24011)