Our Business in 4 Words

Education, Teamwork, Focus, Success!

J.Roberts Salon offers a unique opportunity for stylist of all levels. Our business model is a hybrid salon that houses both commission and independent stylist under one roof. The owners of J Roberts Salon understand the successes and challenges related to both choices commission and rental.

Commission Stylist

Top Paid Commissions

Our Salon works on a performance based sliding scale commission structure that Starts at 50% and pays up to 60% on services.

We offer 10% performance based commission on retail.

All the above details included with a commitment of only a 3 day (33 hour) work week in which allows every other Friday and Saturday off!  WOW!! I know right!

Oh, Did I mention, a weeks paid vacation after your first year?

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Our Salon Culture supports education and growth both individualy and as a team. We have a well educated team of stylist who are open to sharing and offer team encouragement. We beleive in our salon culture and through continued education we will always raise the bar within our industry.

Independent Stylist

You’ve Earned It

Independent Stylist who opperate their personal salon studio within J.Roberts Salon have earned the opportunity.

Creating Success Brings Success

J. Roberts Salon is in the business of supporting and creating successful hairstylist at all levels. We believe that through continued growth, more opportunity must be provided to sustain a healthy salon relationship and environment.

When a stylist is ready to become independent, J Roberts Salon is ready to help accomplish those dreams.

Studios are rewarded to stylist who express interest in being independent and have shown excellence in both services and professional performance.

Studios are available to Stylist who have supported our salon culture and understand the importance that systems play in creating synergy in a successfully operated business.



Independent Studio Offerings

– Large studios with cabinets and storage

– FreeStyle ceiling suspended blowdryers

– Personal refrigerator

– Schedule assistance

– 10% Retail Commission

– Wifi

– Smocks, Capes, & Towels Included

-Free Weeks Vacation


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