Marla Taylor

Master Stylist

As an independent stylist with 16 years of experience now, I can truly say I’ve had an amazing career thus far, with no plans to stop!

I work behind the chair in the salon daily and have worked as an international educator and platform artist. I have traveled across the country, into Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, educating and inspiring other stylists. I have had the privilege of educating on stage at major hair shows including IBS New York, ISSE Long Beach, Premiere Orlando, and Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show. I have also participated in New York Fashion Week, attended the Modern Salon Artist Session, and have been featured in several magazines with published work in Modern Salon and Dark Beauty.

Although I enjoy every aspect of hair, I pride myself on my knowledge of different hair textures and the ability to work on curls of every shape. And as a short haired girl myself, I enjoy precision haircuts! I have spent many years mastering my barber techniques. I thrive under pressure, so bring on the brides! I love to do special occasion styles and being a part of your life moments. At home, I enjoy my life moments with my amazing hubby, 2 precious kids, and 1 crazy fur baby. Travel is my second passion!

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